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Vera Chisvo: "For world peace to exist we should be able to express what makes us upset without being judged for that"

An interview with the artist, Vera Chisvo representing Zimbabwe🇿🇼 for Songs for World Peace. Hosted by the Co-founder & Executive Director of Songs for World Peace, Siwon Stella Baldwin.

About Vera Chisvo:

Vera and the Husbands have been enchanting audiences around the globe with their unique blend of funky jazz, weaving together elements of afro pop, jazz, and neo soul. From gracing stages at renowned festivals like HIFA, Zimbabwe international Jazz Festival, Jacaranda Festival and Miombo Magic in Zimbabwe, to international events like Maun Festival of the Arts in Botswana, Pop Kultur in Germany and Laudato Si in Poland, this dynamic band creates a mesmerizing experience with their electrifying energy, storytelling, and heartfelt performances. Vera is not only an artist but a creative catalyst that uses different artistic disciplines to tell different stories of her life and different communities.

Listen to Vera's song "Sei"

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