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Pedro Diaz: "Knowing better each other, we can respect each other."

An interview with the artist, Pedro Diaz representing Peru🇵🇪 for Songs for World Peace. Hosted by the Co-founder & Executive Director of Songs for World Peace, Yoshie Nakayama.

About Pedro Diaz:

Pedro Diaz is a versatile artist of Peruvian origin who performs in Quebec, Canada in French and Spanish. Since his immigration to Canada in 2009. He works as an author, composer, performer, musician, storyteller, actor and dancer. His artistic qualities and his professional knowledge in translation have allowed him to further discover his culture to the French-speaking public.

He is the producer of several cultural projects in which he participates as director, director and artist. Peru, my mixed-race roots, Indigenous music from Peru and Canada and Pre-Hispanic tales and legends are 3 of his flagship projects. He was the singer of the group Color Violeta, an ensemble which was subsidized on several occasions by the Conseil des arts du Québec, thanks to its original musical proposal of traditional songs from Chile with Latin American rhythms.

Listen to Pedro's song "Flores Fuente de Paz"

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