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Martin Galeas: "It would be nice to have this place where everyone is safe and everyone has peace, every living creature"

An interview with the artist, Martín Galeas representing Ecuador🇪🇨 for Songs for World Peace. Hosted by the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Songs for World Peace, Utako Toyama.

About Martín Galeas:

Martín Galeas is an extraordinary artist from Ecuador 🇪🇨 who has made a significant impact in the music industry. Let me share some information about him:

Martín Galeas is a talented singer-songwriter who creates music with a powerful message. His songs often touch on themes like peace, love, and unity.

One of his notable tracks is “Dame,” which you can enjoy on YouTube. The video features captivating visuals and showcases his unique style.

Martín’s journey in the music industry has been inspiring. He uses his art to spread positivity and connect with people across borders.

His commitment to promoting peace through music is commendable, and his work resonates with audiences worldwide.

Listen to Martín's song "Sueño Con La Paz"

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