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Utako Toyama

Co-Founder, Executive Management Team,Artist Relations
London, UK

Singer-songwriter, SkyBridge Founder, educator, Berklee College of Music alumna, John Lennon Songwriting Contest multiple award winner. 

Originally from Osaka, Japan

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"World peace means a common ground where we ALL can stand upon."

Yoshie Nakayama

Co-Founder, Executive Management Team,Creative & Media
Los Angeles, USA

Composer & arranger at Yoshie Nakayama, educator, singer, trombone player, Berklee College of Music & Kunitachi College of Music alumna.

Originally from Tokyo, Japan

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"World peace is equality where everyone gets to live life as who they are."

Nicole Kwan


Boston, USA

Vocalist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist

at Nicoh Kwan.

Student Lab Monitor Supervisor at Berklee College of Music.

Originally from New Jersey, USA

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"World peace means...love and smile in every part of the globe."

Olivia Krent


Boston, USA

Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter,

music therapist, at  @oliviakrent

Berklee College of Music alumna.

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"I'd like to exist in a world that values community, kindness, and shared experiences. We have the power as musicians to make this reality possible."

Lisa Oduor-Noah


Nairobi, Kenya

Singer, Songwriter, Voice over artist, Arranger, Producer and Performing Artist @lisaoduor.
Berklee College of Music alumna.

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World peace means we stop fighting each other but instead start building each other and building towards a greater idea and understanding of what leaving a legacy that outlasts us, looks like.