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Executive Management Team

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Utako Toyama

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Artist Relations
London, UK

Singer-songwriter, SkyBridge Founder, educator, Berklee College of Music alumna, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and Hiroshima Award recepient. 

Originally from Osaka, Japan

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"World peace means a common ground where we ALL can stand upon."

Yoshie Nakayama_Half 2.jpg

Yoshie Nakayama

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Creative & Media
Boston, USA

Composer & arranger at Yoshie Nakayama, Music producer, singer, trombone player, and Assistant Chair at Berklee College of Music. Graduated from Berklee College of Music & Kunitachi College of Music.

Originally from Tokyo, Japan

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"World peace is equality where everyone gets to live life as who they are."

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Stella Baldwin

Executive Director
New Jersey, USA

Jazz pianist and composer, administrative professional in the arts philanthropy.

Berklee College of Music alumna,

Master’s degree from Columbia University with a focus on peace & human rights.

Originally from South Korea.

"World peace begins with the belief that

it is attainable."



Deeana Garcia

Puerto Rico, USA 

Entrepreneur and visual artist with

a specialization in photography,

videography, and social media. Channel owner of Limitless Minds on YouTube.

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"World peace can be attained through the conscious decision to let go of our egos and transcend our differences, acknowledging our interconnectedness as a global community."


Juli Hernandez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Singer songwriter and Music Producer.

TV and Film Composer.

Instrumentals and vocalist. 

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"Won't you help to sing this song of freedom?"


Michelle Karth

Pennsylvania, USA 

Candidate of a Behavioral Neuroscience PhD. 

Degrees in Psychology and Media.

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"Peace is possible when we recognize our greatest power is loving and understanding one another. "


Rachel Maina

Nairobi, Kenya

Social Media manager,


Certified Virtual Assistant.

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"Peace means a world where diversity is celebrated, every voice matters and every life is valued. "


Felix Obara

Nairobi, Kenya

Research Policy Expert focused in grant writing and impact reports. Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Diploma in Project Management. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Big Data Analytics

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“Peace is the result of re-training your mind to process life as it is rather than as you think it should”. - Wayne Dyer.


Bre Surratt

Carolina, USA

Singer and Actor. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in

Musical Theatre

from Limestone University. 

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"Achieving peace for others starts

from within."


Sandra White-Stevens

California, USA

Degree in Telemedia.

Founder and publisher of two online magazines and a talent agent in the speakers department at a boutique booking agency.

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"There is beauty and love everywhere, you just have to look with love in your heart".


Nicole Kwan.jpg

Nicole Kwan

Boston, USA

Vocalist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist

at Nicoh KwanLab Monitor at Berklee College of Music.

Originally from New Jersey, USA

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"Through ingesting the unfamiliar & broadening the boundary of who we consider loved ones, we achieve peace & understanding by practicing it."

Croatia_Dina Rizvić.jpg

Dina Rizvić

London, UK

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, at  @dinarizvicmusic

Berklee College of Music alumna.

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"World peace is the light that heals us and brings us back to our core of loving all there is."


Lisa Oduor-Noah

Nairobi, Kenya

Singer, Songwriter, Voice over artist, Arranger, Producer and Performing Artist @lisaoduor.
Berklee College of Music alumna.

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"World peace means we stop fighting each other but instead start building each other and building towards a greater idea and understanding of what leaving a legacy that outlasts us, looks like. "

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