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Santi Vidal: "It’s always very important to look at ourselves to recognize all of these things that are easy to recognize in other people."

An interview with the artist, Santi Vidal representing Uruguayl🇺🇾 for Songs for World Peace. Hosted by the Executive Director of Songs for World Peace, Siwon Stella Baldwin.

About Santi Vidal:

Santi Vidal, a Uruguayan pianist, singer-songwriter, and producer, began piano studies at age 6, culminating in graduation from CAEMSA, Buenos Aires, as a contemporary pianist in 2010. He later graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston as a film music composer in 2014, earning scholarships due to international recognition. His debut album "Nostalgias" (Candombe/pop/funk) featuring original compositions was released in 2010, followed by his second album "Intuición" in 2020, exploring pop, candombe, and chacarera. Vidal performed alongside Alejandro Sanz at Berklee in 2013 and played piano at the Berklee Commencement Concert in 2014 with Jimmy Page and Valerie Simpson. His song "Nostalgias" closed the Vive Latin Music Festival at Berklee in 2013.

Listen to Santi Vidal's song, "Fe" !

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