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Nicoh Kwan: "World peace has to start with inner peace first"

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

An interview in June 2023 with the artist, Nicoh Kwan representing Costa Rica🇨🇷 for Songs for World Peace. Hosted by the Co-founder & Executive Director of Songs for World Peace, Utako Toyama.

About Nicoh Kwan: Nicoh Kwan, a versatile vocalist, composer, and producer, brings her dynamic tone and diverse vocal styles to various artists, including Jorge Cajias, Gonzalo Eyzaguirre, and Elk Song, as well as her own projects. Her compositions seamlessly blend influences from Latin pop, indie folk, math rock, and punk, showcasing a refreshing and inspired musical approach. As a Costa Rican artist for the global initiative, Songs for World Peace, Kwan played a key role in World Singing Day 2022, collaborating with founder Scott Johnson as the arranger and producer of the featured song, "Sing With Me." She previously worked with Johnson as a vocalist and arranger on his album, "Me, You, and All of Us."

Listen to Nicoh Kwan's song, "Alma Cantarina"!

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