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George Lernis: "What is important to me is social activism, what you have to say through your music even if it is small."

An interview with the artist, George Lernis representing Cyprus🇨🇾 for Songs for World Peace. Hosted by the Executive Director of Songs for World Peace, Siwon Stella Baldwin.

About George Lernis:

George Lernis, a Cyprus-born percussionist, composer, and educator now residing in the U.S., is renowned for his swelling rhythms and high-spirited melodies. He seamlessly blends improvisation with traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences. George, recognized globally, has collaborated with notable figures like John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, and Anat Cohen. Trained in both Middle Eastern/Mediterranean traditions and Jazz at Berklee College of Music, he specializes in instruments like darbuka and santur. George's musical journey began in Cyprus, and he later served as a lead drummer in the Cypriot Army Force. Graduating from Berklee in 2005, he earned a master's degree in Modern American Music from the Longy School of Music in 2008. George's commitment to preserving Greek musical traditions led to founding Anatoliama INC. In 2022, he released "Between Two Worlds," his second album, addressing immigrant stereotypes.

Listen to George Lernis's song, "ΠΡΟΣΕΥΧΗ"!

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