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Elias Ringquist: "I believe in creating from the core of the soul"

What year did you participate in the initiative? What’s your song title?

2020, “Until We See The Sun”

What motivated you to compose the song about world peace and participate in the initiative?

It was during COVID that the vision for the song came alive. During lock down and being less social I felt that the title “Until We See The Sun” was uplifting and looking ahead to the situation that the world was in.

What does your song tell the world? Share with us the background and what brought you to write the song.

It’s a “come together-song” (Covid aside).

"It can be the constant message for caring and being better human beings, even when times are rough."

How did your song or your participation in the initiative positively impact you?

It felt like the perfect match! The initiative collided with the promotional campaign and was a way of getting the song heard outside of my own channels, which also led to a feature in the Berklee Covid Arts Archiving project (that collected songs written during Covid) and this was properly presented during a worldwide webinar.

How did your song or your participation in the initiative positively impact your friends and family members?

I don’t know but my mom loves the song. Friends and others tend not to express any thoughts so it’s an unknown answer…

How did your song or your participation in the initiative positively impact your community?

"I hope that the initiative led to finding new friends and other musicians from all over the place… and it surely reached awareness on the subject, at least on my part."

If relevant, what are the challenges for you to be involved in social change as an artist and how could Song for World Peace help you?

"Social media is the riddle of riddles - there’s no logic to anything and music has been shattered in many ways through the overload of artists coming forward that might get recognition just because of having friends that share their music or a stronger overall support from their community, regardless of talent, quality or any other types of measurement."

That makes every new artist a needle in a haystack and even labels and record companies can’t decide or know whether a song is wrong or right.

"Not getting visibility means not being able to analyze success or failure - SFWP can probably do a lot of good in that direction through communicating talent worldwide."

What would be a potential impact that you and your music could make, to the world?

"I believe in creating from the core of the soul. I believe in knowledge, experience, talent, hard work and true passion for the art form."

I know I have a special ear for music. It’s not something that came out of nowhere but a timeless effort to want to change the way people listen. Take it back to where music used to be.

What’s your goal as an Artist?

I’ve had many goals along the way and time is ticking. I wish to be recognized for all that I’ve done and created and to be able to make it my full livelihood before it’s too late.

Anything you would like to promote? - Upcoming releases, events, etc.

I just released a remake of the Michael Jackson classic “The Girl Is Mine” with a tribute music video. Also, my song about New York has gotten a proper, cinematic music video… filmed in NYC by a talented filmmaker. Both are available on my YT channel > Elias Ringquist

Listen to Elias Ringquist's song, “Until We See The Sun”!

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