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Harmonizing Empathy: Music as the Path to Peaceful Connection

Empathy is at the root of unity and peace because it allows us to deeply feel and relate to other people’s experiences. When we empathize, we consciously imagine the experiences of others, and how they’re feeling, and we consider how they experience the world. Importantly, we make an active attempt to understand what they’ve been through by accepting their differences, sympathizing with their hardships, and respecting their human dignity. From this perspective, it’s understandable why empathy should be considered a high global priority since it significantly impacts our relationships with other cultures. Without empathy, we fail to connect with people and fail to promote a loving peaceful world full of trust and inclusion. 

While there are many ways to encourage empathy and connection, one of the most influential platforms we can use to promote peace is music. Music can evoke powerful emotions in people, and group musical interaction can be an impactful way to promote empathy. Music can also allow us to practice empathizing because we respond to music in the same way that we empathize with others. When we listen to our favorite artists and try to understand what they’re conveying through their music, we are essentially practicing empathy. Therefore, music can be used effectively to help us understand the lives of people from other cultures and backgrounds.

Leading scholars in music psychology, education, neuroscience, and music philosophy are all beginning to understand the important connection between empathy and music. The examples that will be mentioned in this blog are only the tip of the iceberg, and we hope that over time, more people will begin to recognize the benefits of music and how it can affect social change and peace. At SWP, we bring people together to discuss their experiences through music, and in the process, we introduce audiences to new perspectives in other countries. By listening to these artists’ songs and interviews, we open up our hearts to understand their situations, and deeply feel what they are going through. When we listen to these artists, we share in their joy, their anger, their frustration, their strength, and their passion. Here, we are learning to empathize with their situations, and in this sense, SWP can truly be thought of as a “take a walk in their shoes” initiative. Hopefully, this blog will peak your curiosity and you’ll take the time to listen to some of our talented artists and their stories. It can be a rewarding and enriching experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.


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